Nissan Shows Us 2017 Pathfinder Updates

2017 Nissan Pathfinder 1

Keep reading for the lowdown on the new Pathfinder!

The Nissan Pathfinder has long been a favorite when it comes to choosing an excellent family crossover. Now it gets even better. Check out the 2017 Pathfinder updates to see what it has in store. Some of these features may not be available on all models.


The updated Pathfinder has new exterior styling, including LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, and a motion-activated power liftgate.


Buyers will find a redesigned center console, new cloth seat material, and refined metallic and wood finishes throughout the cabin.


For 2017, the Pathfinder now offers best-in-class towing capabilities of 6,000 pounds.


Every Pathfinder now comes standard with an 8-inch touchscreen display. The Pathfinder can also be equipped with NissanConnect Services and SiriusXM.


Buyers can feel more confident on the road with the Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection, Intelligent Cruise Control, and Forward Emergency Braking.


The 2017 Pathfinder’s steering and suspension has been improved. Drivers may notice the Pathfinder has 11% quicker steering, 11% stiffer front shocks, 7% sticker rear shocks, and reduced body roll.

To experience all of the 2017 Pathfinder updates yourself, come take it out for a test drive today at Everett Nissan.

Famous Boone Attractions

Famous Boone Attractins- 640px-Blue_Ridge_Parkway-27527

When’s the last time you took a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway?

Here in Boone, we get to enjoy all that northwestern North Carolina has to offer. This includes amazing scenery, a deep history, rich culture, and more outdoor adventures than you will ever need. Here are some of the most famous Boone attractions.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This long section of highway that stretches 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina heads right past Boone. It is a National Parkway and offers stunning views, especially in the fall. Off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Boone, travelers can enjoy over 50 hiking trails, 20 overlooks, and more.

Grandfather Mountain

This is the world’s only privately owned International Biosphere Reserve. It gives visitors amazing views of the surrounding mountains along with a thrilling walk across the Mile-High Swinging Bridge.

Horn in the West

This outdoor drama tells the story of Daniel Boone’s adventures right here in High Country. You can also visit the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum and the Daniel Boone Native Gardens.

Mast General Store

This unique general store offers a treasure trove of old-fashioned favorites along with an excellent selection of adventure gear. A Mast store is located right here in Boone.

What is your favorite Boone attraction?

Nissan Develops a 4D Virtual Reality Nissan GT-R Simulator

4D Virtual Reality Nissan GT-R Simulator

You’ll be experiencing the behind the wheel feeling of the GT-R soon!

The all-new Nissan GT-R recently made the top of the list of most wanted vehicles around the world. With its incredible performance and stunning design, it’s certainly not hard to see why! Unfortunately, the truth is that many of us will never get to drive Nissan’s amazing performance vehicle. However, Nissan recently introduced the next best thing!

According to a Nissan press release, Nissan has developed a 4D Virtual Reality Nissan GT-R simulator. The simulator, introduced at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, replicates the feeling of being inside a Nissan GT-R vehicle as it races along the track. The simulation, which is brought to life using Samsung Gear VR headsets, represents the latest achievement of an automotive brand making use of virtual reality technology.

“There’s no better way to experience the amazing capabilities of the Nissan GT-R than by sitting next to a driver like Jann Mardenborough,” said Guillaume Cartier, senior vice president for Sales and Marketing for Nissan Europe. “This world-first 4D virtual reality simulation will allow thousands of Festival visitors to have a close to real ride in this iconic car with one of our finest racers.”

Whether you wish to drive the Nissan GT-R in the virtual world or the real world, Nissan has you covered!

Best Breakfast in Boone, NC

Best Breakfast in Boone, NC

Breakfast is waiting!

Rise and shine Boone residents! Boone, North Carolina is known for a lot of things. One of these is the delicious breakfast you can get in this great city. We’ve listed our favorite places to find the best breakfast in Boone.


Melanie’s has been a city favorite since 1991. The quiet atmosphere and outdoor dining area come together for the perfect brunch spot. Splurge on their stuffed French toast or one of their fluffy omelets.

Sunrise Grill

A classic in the Boone area, the Sunrise Grill has been the place to visit for eggs benedict. They’ve recently been baking their bread in house, so it’s definitely worth a repeat visit!

Troy’s 105 Diner

It’s a well-kept secret that Troy’s serves breakfast. Well the secret is out! Stop by for an omelet, pancakes, or a big breakfast platter!

Dan’l Boone Inn

The Dan’l Boone Inn is one of the oldest & most historical buildings in Boone. And for the last 50 years, they’ve been serving up some of the best home cooking in the area! They’ve even been recognized by Southern Living Magazine, Blue Ridge Country Magazine and Our State Magazine.

Boone Bagelry

If you’re looking for something a little quicker, turn to the Boone Bagelry! They have countless specials that you have to experience for yourself. Enjoy free Wi-Fi in the store, or free delivery to your home. The Booneview Blog recommends the Bagelicious- Fried Egg, Bacon, Ham & American sandwich!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Coolest Illegally Imported Nissan GT-R is Totally Legal

imported Nissan GT-R - 2014

Read about the latest viral sensation!

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is a sports car of great myth and legend and its status only seems to grow and grow as the years go by. This legendary sports car isn’t typically seen in the United States though—until now. A man in Colorado has come forward in possession of an imported GT-R and its quickly become a viral sensation.

The story

Police officer Matt Carley recently acquired the 1989 Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R, garnering attention wherever he goes. In a recent interview, Carley stated that people see him in the driveway with this GT-R and stop by. He was also once mobbed at Pep Boys. People even follow him to work to ask about the car.

Some of you tuners may be wondering: How is an officer of the law driving the illegally imported GT-R? As he explains in an interview, Matt bought the vehicle recently as it was only recently legalized. The R32 Nissan GT-R, made from 1989 to 1994, was not imported during its time due to emission and crash standards.

Matt drives the car everyday in fair weather. How does he feel behind the wheel? “Like a rockstar,” he says.

At Everett Nissan only sells legal cars! You don’t have to worry about illegally imported vehicles here!

Three of the Best Places to Camp in North Carolina

Best places to camp in North Carolina

Pitch a tent and look at the stars!

Where are the best places to camp in North Carolina? With a state this beautiful with such diverse landscapes, it’s no small task to narrow down a list. Here are our top three!

Pisgah National Forest

The hardest part about camping at the Pisgah National Forest is deciding where to do it. This park comprises 500,000 acres, which leaves plenty of space to camp in. There are hundreds of miles of trails that skirt salt marshes and lakes. Challenge yourself and hike up the peak of Mt. Pisgah at 5,000 feet. You can hunt, fish, mountain bike and of course, camp.

Grandfather Mountain State Park

If you are an alpine enthusiast, Grandfather Mountain State Park is the place to be. There’s free access to 12 miles of beautiful alpine trails that lead to a number of peaks. The views are truly majestic! Backcountry camping is encouraged, with campsites and with campfire rings installed throughout the park.

Cheoah Beach and Campgrounds

The calm waters and pristine sand of Cheoah Beach at Lake Santeetlah create opportunities for endless fun. Swim, sunbathe, kayak, paddleboard–it’s all possible at Cheoah Beach. Hike the surrounding trails or throw a line in and catch trout or bass. Each campsite features a grill, campfire ring, tables and some sites even offer electrical hookup.

Whether you are hiking up a mountain, or working on your tan, North Carolina makes it easy to get close to nature! If you’re in the Boone, NC area, be sure to stop by Everett Nissan!

Pretrolicious Interviews Driver of Rare Nissan Skyline

Sometimes car enthusiasts find themselves in a situation where they can obtain what is practically a holy grail in motorhead circles — and Phillipines native Jay Kho is one of those people. Recently interviewed by Petrolicious due to his ownership of a rare Nissan Skyline, Kho spilled his thoughts on owning an unregistered and difficult-to-find vehicle, and why rare cars like his Skyline are so coveted by motor enthusiasts.

Jay Kho was introduced to cars by his father, who was a street racer in the Phillippines and always had a different car. When Kho was thirteen, he fell in love with American and European vehicles, due to the fact they were rare in his home country. “We always want what we can’t have,” Kho stated in his interview with Petrolicious, referring both to his Skyline and to his adolescence adoration for American-made cars. The age of thirteen was a crucial turning point in his taste development, as his family moved to the States, where he found himself surrounded by new vehicles.

The acquisition of the 1983 Nissan Skyline marked a period of returning to his roots, however. Kho chanced upon an ad for the rare car in a newspaper and made a trade for it. The car was unregistered and needed parts that were difficult to find, but for Kho, registering and modifying his new Skyline was a labor of love. Now, he has the car running with a new Nissan SR20 engine under the hood.

Having a rare Nissan Skyline doesn’t get any less exciting for Kho, either. “It’s something that we could only dream of and aspire to,” Kho told Petrolicious. “Knowing that you have it in your garage…I’m like, ‘Wow, it’s there.”

Top Hiking Trails in Boone for Summer Adventuring

Top Hiking Trails in Boone for Summer Adventuring

Gather the family and head outdoors!

North Carolina is famously known for its beautiful, scenic landscape, ranging from the ocean coastline to the peaks of the Appalachian Mountains. In Boone, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors, with numerous trails that take hikers past landmarks like waterfalls, canyons, and lakes. Paths into the wilderness are everywhere in Boone, with inns and hotels typically being within walking distance of some trail or another. So what are the top hiking trails in Boone?

The Grandfather Mountain Trail is a must-see for residents and visitors alike. While the trail is marked as “difficult,” the experience of scaling the rocky cliffs of Grandfather Mountain is incomparable and the highest-rated trail in the area. Experience McRae Peak, Attic’s Window, and more atop this mountain, which doesn’t require any climbing equipment for explorers.

If you need something a bit easier or more moderate, try the hikes at Linville Falls. While there are more difficult trails in the area as well, the Falls provide a variety of options, with the area’s main draw being the beautiful waterfall. These trails are perfect for hikers who want a leisurely sight-seeing experience.

Roan Mountain and the Appalachian Trail also deliver an awesome sight-seeing experience in the summertime. The area is cold, typically receiving about 100 inches of snowfall every year, but in the warmer months the Roan Highlands feature 13 miles of sprawling meadows and blooming rhododendrons. The recreational facilities at the peak just opened five years ago, so they’re updated and well-maintained.

There are obviously more top hiking trails than just the three listed above. These areas, such as Linville Falls and Roan Mountain, may also feature multiple trails in one area. Exploring Boone, North Carolina is a pastime for the locals, and experiencing the beautiful wilderness the area has to offer is only one of many perks of living here.

How to Repair a Dent

How to repair a dent

Dents will happen to the best of us. Get them out with these tips!

If you own a car or plan on owning one, getting a dent is nigh on unavoidable. Whether it’s in a parking lot, on the ride, or in your own driveway, dents are bounds to happen. While you could take it to a repair shop and let them take care of it, that costs money. Fortunately there are cheaper, more cost-effective methods to repair a dent. Here are a couple suggestions from us here at Everett Nissan.

  • Plunger – As it turns out, a cup plunger (for sinks) is very good at removing small and medium-sized dents from your car. Simply add water to both the dent and the plunger. Next, push and pull until the dent pops out. It really is that simple, but it could take a few minutes.
  • Vacuum Cleaner and a Pot – By using the right amount of suction, you can pop the dent out yourself. One of the best ways to get the right amount of suction is by combining a vacuum cleaner and a pot or bucket. Make a small hole at the bottom of the pot and tape the pot around the dent. Place the vacuum cleaner hose over the small hole and turn it on.
  • Boiling Water – If you happen to get a dent in the plastic rear bumper, the hard plastic can be difficult to fix. Make it a bit more malleable by adding hot water. The heat should make it much easier to pop the dent out.

Check out our service department!

2017 Nissan GT-R Teased

The Nissan GT-R is designed for optimal performance, and that means speed. The 2016 model packed a punch and Nissan teased the 2017 model before the big reveal at the 2016 New York International Auto Show. There wasn’t much to go on, but known as the R35 by enthusiasts, it was better than nothing. We know one thing for sure: the 2017 Nissan GT-R is sure to compete with the best of the best. See more pictures here.

Japan has been lacking a true answer to performance brands like Porsche, but now Nissan is throwing its hat into the ring. The 2017 GT-R is designed to take on the fiercest of the German market both inside and out. While the model had previously kept up in power, it had been lacking in technology.

Prior to the show, Nissan revealed a teaser photo, informally known as “Godzilla,” featuring the rear end of the GT-R. Heading into its 10th year of production, the GT-R has received only a mild facelift in 2011 during its lifespan.

The 2017 model looks to change all that. Expect a more tech-savvy car with more aerodynamic styling.

The Nissan GT-R made its big reveal on March 23rd. The sports car was one of two cars that Nissan revealed at the show.

We here at Everett Nissan can’t wait to see the 2017 Nissan GT-R on the open road!


See more GT-R: 2016 Nissan GT-R overview

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